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Your life is created as a “Diamond in the Rough.” The purpose of your life can only be revealed as you experience the “Diamond Life Formula.” You are to be “shaped, cut, chiseled, refined and polished” in order for your true value and beauty to be seen.

Heat, pressure and time are the key ingredients in the formation of a diamond. In our lives we must deal with these same phases. How you handle these, how you process each phase will determine the significance of your life.

The Diamond Life is a simple, how-to map toward life transformation which leads to self-actualization – you becoming who you really are!

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About The Author


Tony Scott

Tony Scott is recognized nationally and internationally as a teacher, mentor, visionary leader and successful author. His message centers on the balanced life – Spirit, Soul & Body.

His travels have taken him to some ten nations on five continents. Hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted by these practical principles for living a life of significance.



Perry Stone

Inspirational speaker and author, Voice of Evangelism ministries

I have known Tony for 35 years and know him to be a master communicator of practical and spiritual truth. You will glean fresh insight and important gems from this book, as Tony himself has experienced and mastered the diamond process.


Phil Cooke

Filmaker, speaker, & author of “One Big thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do”

Don’t read Tony Scott’s “The Diamond Life” if you’re happy with the rut you’re living in. And don’t read it if you’re not interested in completely transforming your life. Above all, don’t read this book if you’re convinced that you can’t accomplish anything significant with your life. This book is like a match in a firework store. Get too close to it, and some powerful and unexpected things are going to happen.


R. Lamar Vest

President/CEO American Bible Society

The incredible testimonies and insights shared in this book reveal that anyone can attain radiant living through the transforming power of Jesus Christ. It’s time for each of us to expand our sights and embrace God’s bigger picture for our lives. All it takes is firmly placing the raw material in the hands of the Master and trusting Him for the rest.


Marcus Lamb

Founder, President & CEO of Daystar Television Network

In The Diamond Life, you transcend and go beyond your ordinary natural limits. You are wired by God to live a real life of adventure that utilizes gifts, talents, and abilities to maximize fulfillment. This requires consciously eliminating from your life anything that does not assist in reaching your goal. This is an in-your-face life manual, which reveals and demands life-change. Are you ready?.


Dr. Paul Conn

President Lee University

Tony Scott has a gift for treating difficult problems in a simple, inspiring style. The Diamond Life is filled with helpful reflections from God’s Word and his lifetime of rich experience.


Jentezen Franklin

Senior Pastor, Free Chapel, New York Times best-selling author, “Fasting”

If you have ever wondered about your true identity, your earthly purpose and even your ultimate destiny, this is the book for you. Tony Scott defines in simple language powerful, practical principles that can produce within you The Diamond Life.

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Diamond Life Short Film

A man discovers that the trials of life do not stop him from becomming more than his circumstances.